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Bonisa Holdings, LLC has evolved from a healthcare marketing and management company to a national company, tackling the progressive real estate and corporate business development arenas.  Experience continues to propel Bonisa Holdings, LLC ahead of the trends in healthcare, real estate and related business development.  Working with both private and public companies, Bonisa Holdings, LLC handles diverse projects, always adjusting with the current economic climate and the specific needs of every client.  Surrounding ourselves with strong leaders in healthcare, property management, insurance, banking, and technology, Bonisa Holdings, LLC remains at the forefront of new business ventures in order to communicate these opportunities to our clients at the most optimal time every time.

Bonisa Holdings, LLC strives to succeed in every venture entered into with our clients.  Utilizing specific tools and years of experience, Bonisa Holdings, LLC listens to the needs of the client and implements a plan that communicates that vision towards the achievement of every goal. 



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Through marketing, communication, navigation and innovation  Bonisa Holdings, LLC takes your business where you want it to go.




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